About us

Shekinah Joy Church

I hear comments of how churches would begin well only to turn out completely different. Over the past

20 years in ministry, I’ve witnessed churches that started humbly. But as they grew bigger, worldly goals, for example – power and status – become a distraction.


As I pondered on this, these words came with a burning passion in my heart – Guard God’s name! Not that we have the power to do so. Rather in whatever we do, God’s Name is always to be magnified and glorified! We want to start well. We also want to finish well.

About Pastor & family

Hi, my name is Klein Tan and I'm married to Margaret and has three lovely children: Gracelyn, Amadeus and Keane.

Aspiring to live, not just simply a good life, but a great one is my pursuit. I strive to grow in knowledge, explore the world, make friends and more. As interesting this life may be, it is only fleeting. My conclusion and ultimately a principle for me to live a great life is, “The greatest investment in life is investment in lives”. It is gratifying to see lives touched, acknowledge the frailty of man and to know the lasting reward of seeing lives positively changed. This is the kind of great life I aspire to lead.

Shekinah Joy Church was founded in the year 2011 and now we are looking forward to a greater future ahead. The Lord has inspire us to be a Presence Driven Church, one that seeks His Presence in all we do. 

We are a family church that is warm, fun loving and Christ centered. Our desire is to demonstrate our love for God through our love for each other. Growing through serving, loving, conflicts are part and parcel of our growth and we will press on forward together in good times and challenging times; that's what family is for.

I practice counselling therapy and see my clients at Renovaré Pte Ltd (TripleOne Somerset #08-12). Renovaré Pte Ltd is a Professional Clinic for Counselling, Psychological Assessment and Professional Training & Supervision.

I am also the Executive Advisor to a Social Enterprise known as Professional Counselling & Character Development Resources (International) and a Master Trainer in Counselling and Character Education.